The Soul Sanctuary

Have you ever had a dream that felt so big and impossible to achieve, that you could feel the ache of it in your heart?

You knew without doubt that you were meant for more and yet you felt terrified to take the next step.

You’re constantly questioning yourself and your abilities, doubting whether you really have anything important to share or give to others.

Limiting beliefs are making you procrastinate and believe the lies in your mind. You’ve already decided that rejection, judgement and criticism are inevitable and that it’s not safe to be seen.

You see other people out there sharing their gifts and message and you tell yourself that they are more gifted than you and clearly they have more to offer. You convince yourself that you have missed your opportunity and you’re too far behind to catch up.

You often feel alone, misunderstood and unable to speak your truth freely. You know your soul is agitated to get on with it’s mission and doesn’t want to be ignored anymore – but how do you even begin to explain that to others!

Welcome to The Soul Sanctuary, a 9 month group program starting on the 2nd of October. This will be your sacred and safe space to so that you no longer feel alone and overwhelmed at the incredible journey ahead of you. You’ll connect with your inner brilliance and power like never before, fully committing to yourself and your mission.


Does this sound like you… because you’re not alone?

  • You have this inner knowing that you were meant for more in this life and yet you have settled for a life that is easy, comfortable and familiar. There is a deep ache within you, because you know you have settled for less than you deserve and it eats away at you every day. It’s time to reconnect you with more abundance, love, joy, creativity, inspiration and your intuition!
  • You get caught up in overwhelm, because what you want to achieve just feels so big or unachievable for you. Let me help you feel more grounded and begin to trust yourself and your decisions, then it’s easy to know where to start and what to work on next.
  • You’re sick of the critical voice in your head that makes you feel like you are not enough and couldn’t possibly do this. It feels like you are battling with it everyday. It’s time to release the conflict between knowing what you want to create and give to the world and that annoying voice that holds you hostage to the life you are settling for.
  • You question if you have the energy, emotionally and physically to do this… the journey just feels so hard at times and you are sick of dealing with the challenges, obstacles and all the emotional drama that comes with it. It’s time to get focused and to align your energy – body, mind and soul. You’ll be jumping out of bed at the crack of dawn in no time!
  • You have a unique voice and story and yet you don’t express them. We will release the fear of being seen, rejected, judged or criticised. No longer will you hide yourself away from the world.
  • You have needs, wants and desires of your own, yet you put everyone else first. Your dreams have been placed on the back burner for years and now is the time to listen to that inner voice and trust that NOW is your time. The energy is ripe for you to blossom and shine.
  • You’re fed up of doing everything alone. As someone else who understands the emotional roller coaster ride of having your own business, a big calling and the horrid feeling of being alone – let me support you!

You know you have extraordinary talents and abilities, yet you don’t share them. You give in to the voice that makes you believe that others are better or more talented than you. Their success triggers you and you choose to hide away in the shadows instead, justifying your choices and blaming everyone but yourself for the situation you are in. This program will help you to truly own your gifts, face your fears and rid yourself of that destructive negativity.

Right now there is magic in the air as people awaken to their true path and purpose. I believe the world needs you and that is why we have crossed paths. The questions is… will you take the leap and finally commit to yourself and your dreams?

“I started working with Marie ‘121’ in early 2017 and was really excited when I heard about the program (The Soul Sanctuary). It’s hard to put in to words what I gained from our time together, however I know I’m a lot less stressed about sharing my gifts, talents and knowledge with the world. I now have this inner confidence and belief which I never had before, I have this sense of peace that all will be ok. I’m not as ‘desperate’ as I was before, In fact I’m not desperate at all! Marie helped me discover my inner worth and to put value on that. I continue to chip away and I’m clear on the types of people I want to work with when I receive enquiries now, which also helps me to maintain those all important boundaries with potential clients. One thing I will say though is you need to be ready to put in the work! Marie will challenge you and hold you accountable but she’s not going to hold a gun to your head!

Lucy Parker (Parenting Support Coach) -

“Marie is truly amazing! I immediately felt comfortable with her because she’s so warm, kind and caring. She offered a safe space for me to work through some old blocks that I was having a hard time letting go of. She is so intuitive, skilled and incredibly gifted at what she does. During sessions she helped bring words to things I couldn’t say or wasn’t fully aware. I had lots of “yes, that’s it!” moments … she truly helps you dig deeper and bring out those deep rooted blocks. These sessions helped me focus on areas I had no idea needed work, especially around forgiveness and letting go of things that have been holding me back. After sessions I always felt this rush of happiness, energy boost and overall peace. Marie has been such a blessing and I look forward to getting to work with her more in the future whenever I’m feeling stuck or have any blocks come up”.

Emily (Author and Founder of -

“Marie has been such a life force for me. I felt like I had been doing so well on my own with meditation, exercise, reading about emotional patterns. But then when I started working with Marie I found out the reason why I was still emotional: I had many, many blocks. She has helped to clear those blocks and I can’t even describe how awesome it is! The fact that she can do energetic work from half way around the world, and I can truly FEEL the work when she is done is nothing short of amazing! She is gifted in a way that I can’t even understand, and so needed by the majority of the population”.

Kate Doubler (Founder of -

“When I started working Marie, I was an overworked entrepreneur suffering from depression, anxiety and a big case of victim hood.  Marie has a gift at helping you find the root cause of your problems. I’m talking about going deep into your past and healing it so that you can come to place of joy and love again.  My life was so out of balance (typical workaholic) and now I have more ease, success and a more loving connected relationship with my husband and children. This is priceless. If you’re ready to dig deep and work, you won’t be able to find a more amazing coach than Marie. She has a customer for life in me”.

Kelly (Author, Photographer and Founder of -

Why choose to work with me?

People will often comment that they have never had EFT quite like that before and that’s because I am not like any other EFT Practitioner out there. I am highly sensitive and an empath, so I literally feel your emotional and energetic blocks in my own body. It means I can help you shift not only the conscious blocks getting in your way, but also those sneaky things hiding beneath the surface. Together we can create powerful and rapid change.
I am also incredibly lucky to work with some amazing energies and because of my healing team and my ability to channel energy, we can achieve deep and powerful healing very quickly. I have played a part in rapid healing that has even left doctors mystified – I believe in magic and I know miracles can happen when we open ourselves up to the divine.
How do I know that more is possible for you and that you can live an amazing life sharing your gifts and message?  Because like you, I was the person with a dream and a purpose that felt too big at times.
I decided to trust in myself, commit to my calling and know that I was supported. I took one day at a time and allowed my path to unfold. Was it confusing and frustrating at times – yes! But I trusted my intuition and continually worked on my energy and emotions so that I could embrace more and more of my gifts and mission!
Every day I now support amazing women like you to finally own their gifts and release their limited ways of thinking, feeling and being. My mission is to ensure you remember the full extent of who you really are and why you are here. I want you to claim your birthright and to take full ownership of your calling and purpose on this earth and in this lifetime.

What the 9 months includes:

  • Weekly group calls - 7pm Monday BST/GMT (90 mins)

    We’re starting the week with a bang and getting you focused, clear and ready to take action. EFT, Energy Healing and Meditation will also help you to feel calm, relaxed and in touch with your inner truth. These sessions balance and align mind, body and soul – blocks are released, the busy mind is calmed, the body can relax and heal and you become open to the infinite possibilities of more health, wealth and happiness.

  • Private Facebook Group (Community)

    Perfect for gaining support and keeping you accountable to your mission. Even if your partner, family and friends don’t get it, we will! You’ll always have a home and place here in the group to be truly yourself and to connect with like minded souls.

  • Weekly Q&A time in the Facebook Group

    Ask me for intuitive guidance, ask me to draw a card for you, or perhaps we do some remote Kinesiology to see what you need to help align your body, mind and soul.

  • Free access - The Emotional Detox Program

    Access to my self study program ‘The Emotional Detox Program’ – packed full of content and with over 50 EFT videos for you to use in detoxing negative emotions from your mind and body (Value $200). This program will help you create a more positive outlook on life, feel better about yourself, let go of past hurts and pains, stop self sabotage and create more loving and rewarding relationships – we get you back in touch with you!

  • 3 VIP virtual retreat sessions

    This is time and space for you to really dive deep into what is challenging you and preventing you from sharing your gifts with the world. I want you to connect with your inner truth and power and feel motivated to take action again. We will be releasing the blocks with EFT, Meditation and Energy Healing – expect to feel incredibly relaxed and ready to take on the world!

  • Extra EFT videos

    We all know that life will throw you curve balls, so between weekly calls, I will create EFT videos that you need for extra support.

  • Meditations

    When we have big plans and we are constantly busy, we forget to stop and listen to our body and intuition. Often the energy boost we need or the clarity we crave can be found in simply stopping to meditate. I’ll create the perfect meditations for you!

  • Guest experts

    Interviews with some guest experts – if there is something that you are struggling with and I don’t have the answers, you can be sure I’ll find someone who does!

Commonly asked questions

  • When are the calls?

    The calls will be held on Mondays, because I want to start the week with a bang for you! We will do the calls at 7pm GMT (London time) and we will use zoom!

  • What if I can’t make one of the calls?

    The calls will be recorded and you will be able to watch the replays. I’ll place links to the replays in the files section of the Facebook Group. You’ll still be included in the group energy work that takes place every week and I’ll ensure you have time before calls to set an intention for your own healing and release work.

  • How often can I expect to be coached live?

    It all depends how many people join the group. I would imagine every other week and to make things easier I’ll have a hot seat rota, so you know you are going to get some allocated time. You’ll also get lots of benefits from tapping along with other people.

  • What if I want to leave during the 9 months?

    I know it can seem scary to commit to something for 9 months, but this is your chance to really commit to yourself and your dreams, and it doesn’t always happen overnight. Life will throw you curve balls and unexpected things can occur, this group is your emotional and energetic support through all of this. When the going gets tough, I guarantee you’ll be glad of this safe space!

  • Does it matter that I’ve never done EFT before?

    No not at all.. here is a link to what EFT is and how I use it. There is also a script included about releasing the fear of being seen! You will soon wonder how you ever lived without EFT!

  • Your EFT is very different to others, why?

    I was taught by one of only 29 EFT masters in the world. My teacher studied for many months with the founder of EFT Gary Craig and he believed that it was important to tap on all the points that I include. Don’t forget EFT with me may feel different because I blend in more energy work than most! I’m all about aligning body, mind and soul.

Say hello

If you have any question about working with me, then please get in contact. I would be delighted to support you on your journey!

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